Corporate News 
SACH director Shan Jixiang visits CAG
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President Xiu Long and Assistant President Liu Yanhui received by Venezuelan President Chávez
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CAG and CITIC Construction sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Beijing
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Leadership Team 
Xiu Long President and Deputy CPC Secretary of China Architecture Design & Research Group
Huang Hongxiang Secretary of the CPC Committee and Deputy President of China Architecture Design & Research Group
Zhang Jun Deputy President of China Architecture Design & Research Group
Wang Xueguang Deputy President of China Architecture Design & Research Group
Cui Kai Deputy President and Chief Architect of China Architecture Design & Research Group
Jia Fengchi Discipline, and President of labor union of China Architecture Design & Research Group
Xie Guoguang Chief Accountant of China Architecture Design and Research Group
Main Business 
Engineering consultation
  Project planning / Formulation of project proposal / Formulation of feasibility study report / Planning & design consultation / Design bidding / Agent for Project bidding / Design supervision / Project supervision / Project management / Project evaluation
  Urban planning / Town planning / Planning for community /Planning for development zone
Building design/
  Residential design / Public building design / Industrial building design
Municipal design
  General municipal engineering design /Urban gas & industrial gas planning/ Sewage & refuse disposal design / Road & bridge design
  Note: The above-mentioned scope of works does not cover scientific technology research, real estate development and project construction business.
Special trade design
  Building intelligence design/ Landscape design / Interior design / Construction drawing verification department

Standard design

  Formulation of standards & codes / Standard drawing design
Building technology
  Green buildings technology / MEP energy-saving technology / Scientific research & design technology / Building economy technology
Architectural history
  Historical building research / Traditional building design
  The Group has over 4,000 staffs and boasts of 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 8 national design masters, 90 some experts who enjoy the government subsidy that were approved by the State Council, 240 some class A registered architects, over 210 class A registered structure engineers, over 40 class A registered urban planners, 30 some class A registered quantity surveyors, over 50 class A registered consulting engineers, 50 class A registered supervision engineers, 180 class A registered mechanical engineers, 80 class A registered electrical engineers, 10 other registered engineers, around 1100 senior designers and researchers, 900 some medium titled technical staffs.
  Over the past 55 years, CAG has completed state important projects as the Beijing Railway Station, China Art Gallery, Beijing National Library, Beijing International Hotel, Shenzhen Gymnasium, Office Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R. China, Beijing Wanquan Legacy Homes, Huzhou East Bai Yu Tan Community, Beijing Gas Plant Expansion, Beijing National Main Stadium for 2008 Olympic Games, Xizhimen Traffic Hub, Capital Museum, China Trade Center in Moscow, Forbidden City Protection, Great Wall Protection, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Conservation, Project to Divert Water from Luan River to Tianjin, Project of Transmit Natural Gas from West to East, Project of Divert Water from South to North and the Environmental Protection Study of Three Gorges Hydro Project Area on Yangtze River etc.. From 1986 to 2006, CAG has been awarded with 461 design prizes, including 8 international, 68 national prizes, 324 provincial and ministry level ones.
  CAG has directed or completed a batch of important national and ministerial level science development programs and projects of technology researches. The Group has active contributions on fundamental, policy researches, national and local standards and codes compiling, protection of national cultural heritages, promoting techniques and results of scientific research into production, and on professional techniques progress and creativity etc. From 1986 to 2006, CAG has won 309 scientific research prizes, including 22 national prizes, 124 provincial and ministry level ones.
Zhao Guanqian
Wu Xuemin
Chen Deng'ao
Li Efei
  Architecture Design   Architecture Tecgnology  Planning Design  Architecture History  Interior Design  Landscape Design  
Ningbo Information Building Multi-purpose TV Tower in the Olympic Green Jinyuan New Neighborhood Residential Quarter in Jiaozhou, Qingdao Planning Design of Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park, Beijing Interior decoration design for new Capital Museum Energy-conservation diagnosis and renovation of the Office Building of Beijing Public Security Traffic Bureau Shenzhen He Xiangning Art Museum Beijing Fenggeya Garden Office Building of CNOOC Shenzhen Huawei Apartment Shenzhen Minghua Naval Staff Base Beijing Wanshoulu Club