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  "HVAC" 2010 No. 2 Table of Contents  
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Progresses in research of vertical pipe groundsource heat
pump systems
Yu Xin, Wang Ruzhu and Zhai Xiaoqiang(1)
Data test and analysis of the Calculating charts for frictional
resistance of ventilation ducts
Luo Jijie and Hu Songtao(10)
Review of new edition of DIN1946/4 standard
Shen Jinming(13)
Calculation method of heat quantity settlement for heat
sourcesFang Xiumu, Qi Xianda and Li Dongping(18)
Discussion on energy saving design of air conditioning
engineering with constant temperature and humidity
and high limit control of humidityZhou Zuyi(21)
Need hierarchy analysis of energy saving for residential
air conditioningSong Yingqian and Long Weiding(29)
Discussion on energy efficiency diagnosis for air conditioning
engineering in existing public buildings
Yu Xiaoping, Fu Xiangzhao and Xiao Yimin(33)
Application of water pump proportionality law to heating
and air conditioning systems
Fu Yongzheng, Zhou Hongdan and Liu Zhiwei(39)
Design and operating experience of the National Stadium
Hu Jianli(43)
Relationship between heatinsulation status and smoke exhaust
performance of chimney in gasfired boiler houses
Li Zhaojian, Zhang Xiaohang, 
Chai Yong and Song Li(47)
Unorganized airflow control in Wuhan Railway Station
Guo Hui(50)
Discussion on HVAC system design of the PET center in
hospitalsWu Danyun(53)
HVAC system design of a chemical plant
Zhang Chenguang(58)
Air conditioning cold and heat source system with multiple
energy techniquesYang Guang, Li Yiwen, 
Zheng Lexiao and Zhou Dongtao(64)
HVAC system design of Wali Convenience Supermarket
and its auxiliary projectLi Yan(68)
Reliability design of GSHP exchangers considering
parameter random characteristics
Guan Changsheng and Chen Xuyi(73)
Simulation of displacement ventilation in a largespace closed
 welding workshop
Jia Xuefeng, Liu Dong and Liu Chuanju(76)
Application of flowcoefficient distribution method to heat
metering for singlepipe systemLi Chunshu(81)
Cause analysis for fancoil frosting cracking in a fresh air
energy recovery system user in northern residence
Cao Yang and Liu Gang(86)
Anticrystallization protection of lithiumbromide absorption
type refrigerating machines
Shi Qiaohui, Zhang Hua,
Wang Zilong and Geng Zhi(88)
Three essential conditions of return air inlet cleaning devices
for controlling contamination: part 3 of the research series
of the relationship between contamination control
and energy efficiency of air cleaning systems
Xu Zhonglin, Zhang Yizhao, Cao Guoqing, 
Sun Ning and Pan Honghong(92)
Thermal comfort in naturally ventilated buildings in hot
humid area of China in summer: an  example study of
GuangzhouChen Huimei, Zhang Yufeng, 
Wang Jinyong and Meng Qinglin(96)
Mechanical ventilation model test with heat sources for main
large plant dynamo floor in Hohhot Pumpedstorage
Underground Hydropower StationLi Angui, 
Zhang Jianfei, Tang Huailin and Wang Jianming(102)
Climate demarcating for application of evaporative cooling
air conditioning
Di Yuhui, Liu Jiaping and Huang Xiang(108)
Single factor sensitivity study of heat exchange performance
of vertical single Utube ground heat exchangers
Chen Xu, Fan Rui, 
Long Weiding and Zhang Gaijing(112)
Simulation and analysis of application of double coupling
heat pump to high rise buildings in cold areas
Sun Tingting, Yao Yang and Ma Zuiliang(117)
Study of the applicability of jet theory for large space air
Zhou Zhiren, Tan Hongwei and Pan Dongmei(123)
Application of RBF recursion neural network to heat
supply decoupling controlChen Lie, 
Zhu Xueli, Qi Weigui and Fang Xiumu(128)
Performance test of Laskin nozzle
Wang Zhichao, Song Canhua and Liu Zhijun(133)
Maintenance of heating boilers in nonheating period
Zheng Xiaojing and Wang Dapo(138)

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