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    On April 30, 2011, Xiu Long, president of China Architecture Design & Research Group (CAG), and Yang Qingshan, president of Taichi Lake Group, signed an Agreement on Strategic Cooperation in a bid to jointly boost the development and construction of Taichi Lake Ecological and Cultural Tourism Area in the Wudang Mountain.
    Taichi Lake Group is a large comprehensive investment group focusing on investment on urban infrastructure, tourism development and investment, cultural communication and real estate development, and began to bring Taichi Lake Ecological Tourism Area into a full development and construction in 2008.
    Taichi Lake Ecological Tourism Area is composed of two major parts, namely Taichi Lake New Area Projects and Taichi Lake Tourism Area, with eight groups and 39 projects. It covers a total area of 400,000 square kilometers for development and construction and a total building area of about 3 million square meters, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan. The area is planned to, via construction in three to five years, become a well-known and world-class tourist resort and form a Greater Wudang industrial pattern integrating sightseeing, recreation and health preservation surrounded by mountains and waters.
    China National Engineering Research Center for Human Settlements (CNERCHS) has undertaken planning and housing projects of Taichi Lake Ecological Tourism Area in the past three years with the contract amount of over 70 million yuan, and contribute to a good cooperative relationship between Taichi Lake Group and CAG by virtue of its three-year-long awareness of quality services. Thanks to the bridging role of CNERCHS, CAG has conducted more extensive cooperation with Taichi Lake Group in municipal engineering, sewage and garbage treatment, community intelligence, environmental arts and integration of renewable-energy-sources building by leveraging its platform advantages. In addition, Taichi Lake Group has entrusted relevant design contracts amounting to over 100 million yuan to CAG in the coming three years.
    CAG will assist Taichi Lake Group to create an internationally well-known, top-class and high-quality tourist resort integrating sightseeing, recreation, health preservation and holiday in China with a faster pace and higher quality. With the support from CAG, Taichi Lake Group will accelerate the integration construction of Taichi Lake Tourism Area, according to Yang Qingshan, President of Taichi Lake Group. President Xiu said that Taichi Lake Project aims to bequeath cultural taste to our future generations, and that CAG should conduct strategic cooperation with Taichi Lake Group to contribute to the inheritance of Chinese culture. 


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