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  A delegation headed by Deputy Mayor of San Francisco visits CAG  
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    As an important harbor city in the Western United States, San Francisco focuses on service industry, commerce and financial industry for its urban economy, and has Union Square, Chinatown, Japan Town and other places of interest in its downtown. The residential districts in the San Francisco have a high housing density, and the houses are built winding among mountain and the streets are circuitous, with a steep slope. The present visit was invited by the Editorial Office of City Residence sponsored by Asia-Pacific Institute of Construction Scitech Information under China Architecture Design & Research Group (CAG), and City Residence had an exclusive interview with Matz, Deputy Mayor of San Francisco. The present visit centered on urban planning, urban construction, social security housing and other hot issues. CAG learned San Francisco’s mature experience in urban development with a view to providing reference for urban development in China.

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