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    On the evening of March 15, Venezuela local time, President Xiu Long and Assistant President concurrently Deputy Chief Architect Liu Yanhui were received by Venezuelan President Chávez in the Presidential Palace and attended a president’s dinner party.
    President Chávez nodded his approval of CAG’s conceptual design of the social housing project on the Tiuna  Plot in Caracas, Capital of Venezuela. He delivered a keynote speech at the signing ceremony which was broadcast live to the whole country, demonstrating to the audience nationwide the blueprint for the project and describing the prospects of the project after its completion.
    In the context of a booming domestic design market, CAG actively responds to the “going global” strategy advocated by China by endeavoring to explore international architectural design market and scores certain achievements. All enterprises affiliated to CAG participate in international projects to varying degrees. CAG’s present participation in the social housing project conducted by CITIC Construction in Venezuela marks its active move to implement “going global” strategy. The investigation delegation headed by President Xiu Long paid a special trip to inspect and guide the design project in Venezuela, and was received and appreciated by Venezuelan President Chávez. The visit marks a substantial progress made by CAG in the development and expansion of overseas projects and lays a solid foundation for CAG to realize the goals of “going to overseas market” and “participating in international competition” set in the 12th Five-year Plan. 

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