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  SACH director Shan Jixiang visits CAG  
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    On the morning of January 30, 2011, Shan Jixiang, Director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH), paid a special visit to China Architecture Design & Research Group (CAG) and expressed his appreciation of and gratitude to years of outstanding contributions made by CAG and its subordinate Architectural History Research Institute (AHRI) in inheriting Chinese culture and serving the construction of China’s soft power. During the discussions with leaders of CAG, Director Shan Jixiang specially pointed out that AHRI plays a significant and irreplaceable role in preserving cultural heritages and researching architectural history, creates immeasurable social and historical values while creating economic benefits, and lives up to the title of key national base for scientific research. He hoped that AHRI would continue to make more significant contributions in formulating industrial standards and codes, cultivating leading talents, spreading advanced concepts and constructing leading and exemplary experiment bases for projects. Huang Hongxiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of CAG, and Zhang Jun, Vice President of CAG, gave a report on CAG’s development in 2010 respectively, showed gratitude to SACH for its years of help and support, and expressed that CAG would continue to give all-round support to IAH, further consolidate this important base for scientific research, strengthen talent training and contribute more to the preservation of cultural heritages in China. Chen Tongbin, Director of AHRI, and Fu Xinian, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, briefed on the information of AHRI, showed gratitude to SACH and CAG for their long-term support for the development of AHRI, and expressed that AHRI would continue to make overall plans for scientific research, application  of research findings, talent training and mechanism innovation, further give play to the supporting and leading role of science and technology in the protection of cultural heritages, and contribute its due shares to the all-around development of cultural heritage preservation.

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