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Wu Xuemin
  Wu Xuemin  
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Information Survey on Technical Expert
Wu Xuemin
Date of birth
Native place
Huzhou City, Zhejiang
Graduated from
Tongji University
Year of graduation
Major in
Academic degree
Departments served
Scientific Research, Technology and Quality Management Dept.
Chief engineer of the Group
Honorary title
National project design master, expert entitled to government’s special allowance
Positions in social academic groups
Consultant of the State Council, member of Science and Technology Committee of Ministry of Construction, vice director member of Construction Engineering Technology Expert Committee of Ministry of Construction, vice director member of Structural Design and Foundation Committee under China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, vice director member of Consultant Subcommittee of Concrete Structure Profession Committee under China Construction Standardization Association, (structure) member of China National Certified Engineering Management Committee, Chinese examination official in Examination Officials Panel for Mutual Recognition of Chinese-British Qualification for Certified Engineers (Structure), an expert in China National Examination Committee for Certified Architects, member of the National Review Expert Committee for Resistance against Earthquake in Off-limit High-rise Building Projects, structure member of the National Engineering Construction Standard Design Leadership Subcommittee, director of China Society of Civil Engineering, member of Standard and Publishing Work Committee under China Society of Civil Engineering, director and member of Architectural Structure Branch of China Society of Architecture, member of High-rise Architecture Committee under Architectural Structure Branch of China Society of Architecture, consultant of Council of Prestressed Structure Branch of China Steel Structure Association, an expert in Expert Panel of Architectural Steel Structure Committee under China Architectural Metal Structure Association, editing member of Civil Engineering Journal, editing member of Architectural Structure Journal, director of editing committee of Architecture Structure, editing member of Architectural Steel Structure Progress, consultant of the editing committee of Science & Technology in Construction, senior consultant of the editing committee of Space Structure, and senior member of British Society of Structural Engineers.
Major achievements
For the National Library project, won Gold Award of the National Best Work, First Prize for Best Design by Ministry of Construction; for the People’s Daily Agency project, won Best Design Work by the State Construction Commission; for Code for Concrete Structure Design, won First Prize of China Sci-Tech Advancement Awards.
Major works
Manual on Design of Dense Concrete Ribs and #-like Floor Cover, co-authored; Design of Multi-storey and High-rise Concrete Structure, authored; 12 solely authored papers, and 12 co-authored papers.
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