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Chen Deng'ao
  Chen Deng'ao  
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Information Survey on Technical Expert
Chen Deng’ao
Date of birth
Native place
Wuxi, Jiangsu
Graduated from
Year of graduation
Major in
Academic degree
Department served
Honorary title
Positions in social academic groups
Major achievements

Major projects designed under his leadership:
1. Beihai office building of the Central Military Commission (now the building of Ministry of National Defense);
2. Jingshan department dormitory building of the Central Military Commission (formerly designed as two symmetrical guesthouse buildings);
3. Overall and individual works of residence district Phase I of Luoyang No.3 Plant (including residence and public architecture, covering 360,000m2);
4. Beijing Railway Station (a project for the anniversary ceremony of the founding of the PRC, one of Top 10 architectures in Beijing, which arose due attention from Premier Zhou Enlai. He personally reviewed the design drawings and put forward valuable suggestions. He visited the site twice and gave instructions. Prior to the completion, Chairman Mao Zedong personally investigated the project, who gave use great encouragement and delivered important speech. After the completion, the Station was highly recognized by the celebrities at home and abroad. Its design was completed by this Group along with Nanjing Industrial College.);
5. National Great Hall of Republic of Guinea, aided by China, namely, Guinea People’s Palace (it is the first great hall completed under the aid of China. The design drawings and model of the project were finally reviewed and approved by Mr. Sekou Toure, President of Republic of Guinea. He considered the design was perfect and no modification was needed. After completion, the peoples of Guinea like it very much, and name it as Pearl of Africa. The photo and illustration of the People’s Palace were published in People’s Newspaper on May 5, 1980);
6. Scheme design of Architecture of Changjiang Gezhouba Dam Water Pivot Works (Scheme of architecture was, together with the scheme of principal works, submitted to the State Council for approval of implementation);
7. Participated in the scheme design of International Conference Building of Yemen Arab Republic, and acted as one of major researchers of the scheme (the scheme was finally and unanimously adopted by the parliament conference of Yemen Government, and design contract was concluded. Construction is yet to begin.)
8. Overall planning scheme of construction of new district of China Academy of Architectural Science (overall scheme was agreed by Beijing Planning Bureau to be as implementation scheme. The Phase I project – Electronic Computation Center, was completed and put into use in 1984.)

Participation in review of planning and design of important projects:
1. Capital International Airport;
2. Planning of Guilin scenic spot and city proper;
3. New Changsha Railway Station;
4. New Shenyang Railway Station;
5. New Shanghai Railway Station;
6. International Passenger Transport Station in Dalian Harbor;
7. Guangzhou Fair Exhibition Hall and Baiyun Hotel in Guangzhou;
8. Planning of residential community, residence, public architecture, etc. of Tangshan after earthquake strike;
9. Friendship Hall in Sudan;
10. Cultural Palace of Cameroon

Major works
 In 1962, for Beijing Railway Station project, won Best Design Project Award by the Construction Engineering Department of this Group; (certificate of merit)
In 1979, attended Beijing Residence Design Contest, was appraised as Best Design Scheme, and included in New Concept Award (Certificate of merit and bonus)
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