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Zhao Guanqian
  Zhao Guanqian  
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Information Survey on Technical Expert
Zhao Guanqian
Date of birth
Native place
Shaoxing City, Zhejiang
Graduated from
Moscow Architectural Art College of former Soviet
Year of graduation
Major in
Academic degree
Department served
China National Engineering Research Center for Human Settlements
Consulting chief architect of this Group
Honorary title
National project design master, a model worker conferred by Ministry of Construction, expert entitled to government’s special allowance
Positions in social academic groups
Director of National Urban Residence Design and Research Network, member of Residential Area Planning Academic Subcommittee of China Urban Planning Committee, vice chairman of Residence Facilities Committee of China Society of Real Estate and Residence, member of Residence Construction and Residence Industrialization Expert Committee of Ministry of Construction, senior expert of National Construction Engineering Standard Design Architecture Profession Committee, vice chairman of Residence Engineering Guiding Work Committee of China Society of Civil Engineering, chief consultant of Human Settlement Environment Committee of China Society of Real Estate and Residence.
Major achievements
Research on Improvement of Urban Residence Function and Quality (chairperson); Research on Well-off Residence in China (chairperson);
Contents and Method of Comprehensive Evaluation of Residential Community (chairperson); General Slab Residential Architecture System in North China (chairperson); Industrialization Development Channels of Architecture in China (participant); Code on Residence Design (chairperson); National Standard on Residence Construction (chairperson); General Principles on Civil Architecture Design (chairperson); Unified System of Architecture Modulus (chairperson); Technical Measures on Design of Civil Architectural Engineering (chairperson); merchandise building aiding Mongol, Farm Machinery Plant aiding Mongol, Blood Disease Research Institute under Medical & Science Center of China, China National Institute of Metrology Sichuan Branch, People’s Daily, Changsha Machine Tool Plant, No.2 Automobile Manufacturing Plant, Dongbai Yutan Residential Community, Nanjing Jufuyuan Residential Community, etc. (chief designer or technical consultant)
Major works
Design of Residence Complex (co-author), Residence in 2000 (editor-in-chief), Human, Residence and Environment (author), Residence Model and Tran-century Residence Design (co-compiler), Selection of Best Residence Designs in China (editor-in-chief), Residential Ecology and Well-off Residence Design (co-compiler), Modern History of Residence in City and Town of China (co-author), etc.
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