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Li Xinggang

Now working in:
China Architecture Design & Research Group

Main academic experiences:
1987~1991: Studying in Department of Architecture of Tianjin University, obtaining Bachelor’s degree;
1998: Elected in French President’s project – 50 Chinese Architects in France, had an advanced learning in France in the first batch of architects;
2000: Won Silver Award in the 9th National Best Project Design (Beijing Xingtao School);
2002: Won nomination of 2002’ Britain’s World Architecture Award (Beijing Xingtao Exhibition & Reception Center);
2003: Won 2003’ Chinese Architecture Art Award (Beijing Xingtao Exhibition & Reception Center);
2004: Won Grade I Award in the 4th Shanghai International Youth Architect Design Works Exhibition (Scientific Research Testing Center and Logistics Service Rooms of Dongguan College of Technology);
2004: Won Grade II Award in the 4th Shanghai International Youth Architect Design Works Exhibition (Hubei Art Gallery);
2004: Won the title of 2003' China Real Estate Top Ten Architecture Influence Youth Designers;
2004: Won Youth Architect Award in the 5th China Society of Architecture;
2004: Took part in China Modern Young Architect Works Eight Persons' Exhibition (Beijing Century Altar);
2006: Elected in national-level candidate name list of 2006’ “New Century Million Talents Project”

Now he is serving as: expert in Capital Planning Committee, expert in Beijing Survey & Design Association, member of Theory and Creation Committee of Architect Branch of China Society of Architecture, member of Sport Architecture Profession Committee of the 6th China Society of Sport Science & China Society of Architecture, member of China National Architecture Design Standardization Leadship Panel Expert Committee, editing member of Architecture Details, City Architecture, etc.

Main working experiences:
1991~2000: Working in Architecture Design Institute of Ministry of Construction, serving as assistant architect, architect, senior architect, vice chief architect of the Institute;
2000: Vice chief architect and professor-level senior architect of China Architecture Design and Research Group;
2003: Chinese lead designer of China National Stadium (meeting place of 2008’ Olympic Games);
2004: Won “the 2nd Top 10 Outstanding Youth of Central Enterprises”;
2006: Won the National “May 1 Labor Medal”
Now serving as: Vice chief architect of China Architecture Design and Research Group, chairperson of Li Xinggang Architecture Design Studio, chief architect of Architecture Profession Design and Research Institute, professor-level senior architect, the national Grade I certified architect, member of the 1st Youth Federation of Central Enterprises.

Main works:
China National Stadium (main meeting place of 2008’ Olympic Games), Beijing, in 2003~2007, Chinese lead designer;
Beijing Xingtao Exhibition & Reception Center, Beijing, in March – September 2001, lead designer;
Beijing Daxing District Culture Center, Beijing, in 2001~2006, lead designer;
Tianjin Taida Primary School, Tianjin, in 1998~2000, lead designer;
Cultural Revolution Lesson Gallery of Jianchuan Museum, Anren of Sichuan, in 2004~2005, lead designer;
Multu-purpose Activity Center of Dongguan Songshanhu Culture Camp, Dongguan of Guangdong, in 2003~2005, lead designer;
Scientific research testing center and logistics service rooms of Dongguan College of Technology, Dongguan of Guangdong, in 2002~2005, lead designer;
Contest scheme of Hubei Art Gallery, Wuhan, in 2003, lead designer;
Renovation scheme of Fuxing Road B59-1 office building, Beijing, in 2005, lead designer;
Yingcai Club, Beijing, in 2006, lead designer;
Weihai Hiland Villa, Weihai of Shandong, in 2006, lead designer;
Planning design of Shidao hiland Taiwanese residential area, Shidao of Shandong, in 2006, lead designer

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