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  Jin Jiang Brand-Name Museum Plaza(Museum)  
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Jin Jiang Brand-Name Museum Plaza(Museum)

Major designers: Yu Haiwei, Xu Lei, Xie Yue, Liu Anan, Zhang Yuming, ChenaNing

  Jin Jiang Brand-Name Museum Plaza, with a total building area of 100,000 sq., is located at the new conference and exhibition district of Jin Jiang under planning. It’s aimed to provide an exhibition platform for cross-strait industries and others in surrounding area, and boost the trading activities for well-known enterprises in Jin Jiang and surrounding regions.
  The exhibition building plays an important role in modern economic society, since it makes contributions to expand the scope of exchange, increase the commerce opportunities and boost the regional economic development. The special geographical location and economic features of Jin Jiang make more sense in this respect. Our design inspiration is originated from our understanding of the building, which serves as an economic tie binding Jin Jiang to other places.
  Focusing on the economic efficiency, the design highlights the unique feature of the whole building through its big space and main entrance plaza on the central axle line. The shading and advertisement functions are integrated into the continuous south facade with a rhythmical image, so the exhibition halls, conference center and main entrance plaza are combined to form a complete and open building. With a structural concept of “Banyan”, the combination of roofing structure and traditional Fujian culture represents sustainable economic development and numerous brand names in Jin Jiang.
  The plaza is designed into a terrain elevating from west to east, while some slope is maintained for greenbelt. Efforts are made to reduce the energy consumption in light of local climatic conditions; on the other hand, the entrance and courtyard are arranged from traditional Fujian architecture language to embody its meaning of local culture.
  We’re expecting for the completion of this building, and also the economic upsurge of Jin Jiang!

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