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  Ningbo Information Building  
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Ningbo Information Building

Eric: Designers: Xu Lei, Wang Yuhang, Li Lei, Zhu Yin, Eric
Design time: 7-8, 2006

Ningbo Information Building is a commerce complex building complex located at eastern new town of Ningbo city.

The building is constructed in three periods. Total building area is 67728㎡, of which ground is 46874㎡, underground is 79686㎡.Building height is 99.29m. There are 18 floors in all. Volumetric rate: 3.6. Greening ratio: 20%.

This building is designed into a space node expanding from a dense functional area to an open area. With great steps at first floor extending to the second floor, an open information plaza becomes a pivot point linking the building complex with scenic spots. This project is constructed in separate phases to save the cost. In order to build up a multi-functional building complex with several entrances, the functional layout is optimized by arranging auxiliary functions and driveway at first floor, and walkway at the second floor. The architectural style is originated from the requirements of turban development and internal functionalities.

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[Continued]General Plan Time:2008/1/9

General Plan

[Continued]1st-floor plain view Time:2008/1/9

1st-floor plain view

[Continued]Bird’s eye view Time:2008/1/9

Bird’s eye view

[Continued]Perspective view 1 Time:2008/1/9

Perspective view 1

[Continued]Perspective view 2 Time:2008/1/9

Perspective view 2