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  Beijing Graceful Garden  
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Awards of the Project:
11th Beijing Best Project Design Award (Architecture Award) (Second Prize)

Project site: Chegongzhuang West Road, Beijing
Area of land: 46,000 sq.m.
Building area: 250,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 1999
Time of completion: 2001

Graceful Garden is a large community area, which is composed of three 7~10-storey slab type small high rise buildings, four 24-storey tower building and one 25-storey office building. The high rise tower building is arranged along the two main trunk roads, and the office building as the main building is arranged at the intersection of the truck roads. Five tower buildings are connected through a 3-storey podium. A center yard is formed by the enclosure of slab type small high rise buildings and high rise tower buildings; while a human-oriented outdoor space is constituted by fountains, green grass, and flowers. Community club and garage are arranged under the center garden. To make full use of the space in the district, the bottom-suspended indoor tennis court is established, and in the grey space of under ground a parking pot of house entrance is designed. The district has more than ten types of design plans, of which the distinct characteristics are “division of public and privacy”, and “separation of movement and stillness” with the living room and bedroom being strictly separated. The façade of the building is tried to be designed in a unified, concise, and smooth way.


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