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Awards of the Project:
11th Capital Design Exhibition Schemes Award (Public Building) (Second prize)


Nature of project:: office building
Project site: in Tsinghua University
Time of design: 5, 2003~12,2005, office building
Time of completion: 9, 2006
Building scale: 20268 sq.㎡.
Hight: 40m
Floors: 10 floors overground, and 2 underground
Volumetric rate
Greening ratio: 45%
Major designers: Liu Xiaomei, Zhang Tong, Li Lei

Project characteristics

  SIEEB is an intelligent, ecological and energy efficient new office building. As a demonstration project, it’s aimed to provide an environmental-friendly and energy-saving building solution suitable to Chinese situations, by means of materials selection, design, construction and operational management. Meanwhile, based on advanced European design and technologies, it fully combines the traditional and modern architecture styles. As a Sino-Italian CDM base established as per Kyoto Protocol, it will provide a reference for reducing the greenhouse emissions of Chinese urban buildings. 
  In addition to reducing the greenhouse emission, improving energy efficiency and utilizing more renewable energy resources, SIEEB has the following characteristics:


  • Minimizing the environmental impact during construction and operation process
  • Intelligent control of operation and maintenance process
  • Healthy processing of indoor air
  • Proper and durable environmental-friendly materials
  • Highly efficient utilization and recycling of water

  This aims to achieve low CO2 emission and ecological design by combining the functionalities and convenience.
  Major functions include:

  (a) Sino-Italian Environment& Energy Exchange and Interdisciplinary Research Center. It provides a platform for long-lasting cooperation and academic interaction among Sino-Italian experts, postgraduates and industries, and helps to conduct interdisciplinary research through the experts and professors with respect to environmental engineering, energy engineering, urban ecology and economy, etc, in China and Italy.
  (b) A teaching, office and scientific research building for Environmental Science& Engineering Department of Tsinghua University.
  (c) Sino-Italian Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation Education& Training Center. It provides the teaching staff and students an access to advanced classrooms, labs and statutory courses on environment and energy science.

Saving building materials and water resources
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