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  OCT Garden (Swan Fort) Phase I  
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OCT Garden (Swan Fort) Phase I(cooperative design)

Project site: Huaqiao City, Shenzhen
Area of land: 83,000 sq.m.
Building area: 148,000 sq.m. (overground)
Time of design: 1999
Time of completion: 2002 Super high-rise residences (with building height of more than 100 meters)

OCT Garden (Swan Fort) Phase I is composed of five high-rise residential buildings with four houses sharing two elevators. Its site is extended along the “一”shape in the north. The three buildings in the east are deemed as one group, recessing one by one from the east to the west; the two buildings in the west belongs to one group with proper distance between them, forming a vision corridor of yard and Dinuo mountain in the north. Between these two is the main axis of the sight from the entrance to the mountain top. With the building suspended, the Nanting Garden and the Beishan mountain are integrated into one.


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