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  Xi’an Ziwei Villa  
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Project site: Chang’an district, Xi’an
Area of land: 700,000 sq.m.
Building area: 155,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2000
Time of completion: 2004
Ziwei Villa, with Qinling Mountain as the boundary in the south, is high in south and low in north mainly with gentle slope. The project will be developed through two phases. The positioning of Phase I is for holiday and entertainment; the layout, relying on the existing dam, makes use of the rich water resources to form a sometimes wide, sometimes narrow and long continuous water system. Some buildings are freely scattered around the water system, which forms a free and ecological assembling cluster. The land of Phase II is comprised of a large fruit forest, scattered tall trees and springs; in order to make full use of the existing resources, the villa cluster are arranged flexibly, steering clear of the existing trees and alternating with them. The building and the green are penetrated into each other, blended into the nature, into the Qinling, forming an integrated scenery with the mountain forest as if the building just grows out of the natural environment.


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