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  Beijing Zhonghai Fragrant Garden  
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Project site: Haidian district, Beijing
Area of land: 36,000 sq.m.
Building area: 160,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2001
Time of completion: 2003

The design has introduced the concept of “residential town”, making the district the “town in town” with residential function as its core: four partially point-block type residential buildings of different height are arranged along the land plot, surrounded yet not closed, forming a curtilage with an introverted residential atmosphere. The brown red wall bricks are adopted for the lower part of the residential main body, which are in harmony with the white stilted board, and the light yellow and orange canopy; light beige wall bricks are adopted in the middle and are connected into blocks by using bay window, blocking board, balcony etc., penetrating into each other so as to reduce the feeling of pressure brought about by the slab-type buildings. For the roof, the lightsome stilted board is adopted to decrease the feeling of heaviness brought about by the high rise buildings. The façade of the commercial street along the road is unified with the district’s style and yet meanwhile it maintains its own style. There is no long-through stilted canopy in the exterior wall, and through the decoration of stilted canopy and ground paving, a commercial corridor for stay is formed. The materials for the façade are mainly composed of sandstone, and together with aluminium board and deal, the effect of integrity yet with certain varieties appears.


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