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  Shenzhen Zhonghai Sunny Palm  
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Project site: Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Area of land: 129,000 sq.m.
Building area: 224,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2001
Time of completion: 2001

The layout for this residential district adopts a free curvilinear structure line and a loose flexible form so as to echo the Med-subjected ocean civilization features established by the project. The flat type is designed as multi storey and small high rise houses injected with the Townhouse quality. It is the first mid-air garden house by which the residents in different floors can enjoy the pleasure brought by the private garden. The landscape design in this district includes large ecological garden, the crystal palace surrounded by the green, sink style green parking lot, bottom-suspended garden, etc. and some sights with very special atmosphere is also designed such as Palm Island, Fenxin Garden, Xiangsi Forest, and walking street.


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