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  Beijing Regal Court  
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Project site: Chaoyang district, Beijing
Area of land: 118,000 sq.m.
Building area: 525,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2002
Time of completion: 2005

This project is located in the CBD. In the design, the classical techniques are adopted in respect of layout arrangement and architectural appearance so as to embody the nobleness of the capital and its integration with the world culture. The square, club, central fountain, kindergarten, and east entrance all are arranged in turn along the middle axe of west to east, on two sides are the butterfly shape tower buildings and slab type buildings in symmetry with the surrounding roads, the lower floor are open for external business, and in the end an enclosure type symmetry layout is formed. The buildings are refined in details in a classical way so as to obtain a long lasting aesthetic taste, while the top of the building is recessed for three times from platform to platform, by which the horizon line of the whole building block is enriched. The granite external wall is adopted for the foundation part of external wall, and the imitate stone coating is adopted for the main body with the warm grey as its major color and blue grey color for the roof. 


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