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Project site: Yuhang district, Hangzhou
Area of land: 676,000 sq.m.
Building area: 540,000 sq.m. (170,000 sq.m.for Phase I and II)
Time of design: 2002
Time of completion: 2005
This project, a residential district mainly composed of attached villa is located at the beautiful Hangzhou West Brook, and the wetland in the center and the surrounding river naturally draws a planning layout. Under the precondition of protecting the ecological environment such as swamp and fruit tree, the villas with the general planning area of 540,000 sq.m.are scattered as clusters in the nature. Phase I and II includes 204 attached villas and south chamber, each villa with 2 to 4 houses, connected by nine types of flat with building areas from 186 sq.m. to 263 realize the harmony between the building and the environment, and in the end a life style characteristic of the South of the Yangtze River is brought to people.


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