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  Shenzhen Xiyuan Residential Development(cooperative design)  
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Project site: Xiangmi lake, Shenzhen
Area of land: 128,000 sq.m.
Building area: 201,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2002
Time of completion: 2004

For the project Xiyuan Residential Development, the layout, based on the terrain of south-north orientation and big spacing with certain enclosure and openness, places the high rise houses at the south and north side, and places the disorderly multi storey in the middle, by which a wider and better vision is obtained. The human and vehicles in this district is separated, and the bottom-suspended floors are penetrated into each other so as to lead the sunshine and fresh air into the garage. The single body is designed as a house with two households sharing the same elevator, and a balcony with 6m hanged height is also designed. The design adopts the four-slope roof, makes use of the high in south and low in north land form to form a cascading eave horizon line, and combines a modern French window, stilted window sill, and in the end a fresh and beautiful district appears.


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