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  Shenzhen Buena Vista,Phase 3  
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Project site: Shekou Park Road, Shenzhen
Area of land: 16,000 sq.m.
Building area: 50,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2003
Time of completion: 2004

This project, located in the center of Shekou, is in L shape. Based on its narrow and long land and a relatively high FAR, the designer, from the perspective of city, places two 18-storey tower buildings at the west end of the urban arterial road, and small high-rise buildings along the urban branch road so as to adapt to the size of the surrounding roads. In order to adapt to the change of the real state market, certain small flat type houses are provided, and they, combined with the climatic characteristic in Shenzhen and shaped like a windmill, are centralized in the two tower buildings. Each wing of the tower building is composed of two small flat type houses, and the owner can buy one or more houses to use independently or connectively, or to invest or sell. The sheer wall is of thick board structure which provides the maximum flexibility to the division arrangement; the indoor partition can be arranged freely and meanwhile can increase the space. The neatness of flat type’s plan also makes it easier to connect.


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