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  The Aged Community of Beijing  
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Project members: Zhan Bainan, Yang Xiaodong, Tao Zhenyu

The Aged Community, located at Beiqijia Town, Changping District, Beijing, with a total floor area about 54.21ha., is a public welfare project listed in “The Aged Welfare Development Plan of Beijing in 10th Five-Year”.

a. Configuration concept
The varying color and grid of farmland show an interleaving combination of natural and artificial forces, which is reflected by the ground scenery to architectural style and even details. Moreover, a new staggering effect is generated to achieve harmonious integration of building and the environment.
The building appearance and environment bring out the best in each other by the balcony and sun-shading plates, or the staggering rhythm and scenic structure, or between the ground and the facade.
The building style is further extended as a new scenic spot.

b. Functional concept
The design effort is focused on the aged and their families to meet their physical and spiritual demands. By combining the service facilities, a platform system could provide strong support for the aged.
Despite different old-age support facilities with respect to public service delivery and scale, there is an interaction between services and habitation. This relationship is strengthened on functional layout through coordination of living space and external environment.

c. Environmental identification
A variety of combinations are shaped to facilitate the identification and memory of the aged by intensifying the community scenes and building styles.
Special functional point--micro public facility provides an environmental coordinate for optimal identification.
Special biocycle--a complete green area is accessible.
Circular footprint--7 walking paths interact with functional points and biocycle.

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