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Design members

Project leader
Project members: Dong Jingtao, Wu Chao, Song Bo, Zhan Bainan


This is a 4th Yihe Garden project located at Linyi Engineering Machinery Plant, Lanshan District, Linyi City, with a total floor area of 104,800㎡.

Design highlights

a. Embodying new consistency and meaning by introducing urban streets and courtyard concepts

In view of local traditions and customs, the residential buildings are well-balanced by favorable sunlight at south-north direction, and good dimension and scenic spots at east-west direction. The traditional “consistency” is defined as unique variety, rather than simple tendency. The living comfort of residential buildings is guaranteed by sun-shading and heat insulation, and highly recognized by party A.

b. Focusing on fusion of urban and geographical dimension by introducing vertical urban and complex residential concepts

High-rise buildings are designed to meet the density requirements. To maintain the consistency of view reference system, 5-floor buildings are taken as a benchmark, and a while building is sectionalized vertically according to on-site environment and building characteristics. The lower 5 floors are characterized by horizontal lines corresponding to surrounding dimensions, while the upper floors are combined vertically by different units, highlighting different reactions to the environment. Such an artificial scene combines well the building shape and dimensions in tune with the environment.

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