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  Yuanmingyuan Palace Xiangbaiqi Residential quarter  
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Design description of Yuanmingyuan Palace Xiangbaiqi Residential quarter

Yuanmingyuan Palace Xiangbaiqi Residential quarter is developed by Beijing Taiyue Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, with a total building area of 110000,volumetric rate of 1.15,and 4~5 floors. This high-grade real estate project is improved in the design, of which including 1st-2nd composite floors, 3rd flat floor, 4th-5th composite or flat floors. Moreover, elevators are installed for 4-6 households at every floor, while the upper floors from 3rd floor have a bigger span than the lower ones to reduce the pool area. With gardens at the ground and roof, 1.8X6m balcony is designed in the middle floor. In proximity to the Yuanmingyuan Palace, this project has a modern style combining elegant grey bricks/tiles and wooden windows with glasses and steel materials. In the general layout, east-west and south-north scenic axles penetrate through the district, of which east-west scenic axle connects the Winter Palace with the eastern green area, and south-north scenic axle creates a comfortable living environment.

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