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  Beijing Power Production Control Center  
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Beijing Power Production Control Center

Location of the Project: southeast to Guanganmen Overhead Bridge, on the bank of Beibin River, Beijing
Time of design: August 1994 ~ June 1995 
Date of completion: October 2006
Major Designers: Wu Ping, Zhang Shitong, Zhang Hua
Architectural function: office
Total area of land used: 6,600㎡ 
Gross floor area: 59,000㎡ 
Number of floors: 3 underground floors and 26 floors on the ground
Building height: 99.8m
Designed seismic-resistance intensity: Richter scale 8
Awards of the Project: 1996’ Capital Project Design Exhibition Best Design Award (Third Prize); Key Project of the Capital for Welcoming the 50th Anniversary of the PRC

Ground foundation: natural foundation base, beam-raft plate-type foundation

Structural type selected and design points: In-place reinforced concrete core plus frame structure is adopted. The surrounding frame beams and columns constitute flexible and convenient big bay. The central part of the building, along with staircase, elevator and equipment room, forms shear wall core with large rigidity. The section of column and shear wall and the grade of concrete gradually decrease as building height increases. Seismic-resistance grade of both frame and shear wall is Grade I. By setting up two post-poured strips before and after the main building and adjustment of reinforcement, the influence on structure by concrete contraction due to temperature is minimized and the uneven settlement of the foundation between principal building and pure basement is solved.

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