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  Ningbo International Conference & Exhibition Center  
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Ningbo International Conference & Exhibition Center

Location of the Project: Ningbo City, Zhejiang
Time of design: October 2000~September 2001
Time of completion: October 2002

Major designers: Fan Zhong, Shen Yaping, You Tianzhi, Wang Chunguang, Dong Jing, Bi Lei
Awards of the Project:
2001’ Design Institute Best Construction Drawing Design Award of the Ministry of Construction (First Prize)
2004’ 3rd Best Architectural Structure Design Award (Third Prize)

Functions of the building: large exhibition and office
Total area of land used: 251,300㎡ 
Gross floor area: 90,475㎡ 
Building height: 35.5m
Designed seismic-resistance intensity: Richter scale 6
Foundation base: pre-tensioned prestress concrete pipe pole (Type AB), reinforced concrete drawing beam placed between bearing platforms on pole top

Structural type selection and design points:

Main exhibition hall consists of indoor exhibition space and semi-outdoor plaza on the south side. The main exhibition hall and semi-outdoor plaza share a cylindrical shell-shaped roof with large span. And the roof cover extends to both sides of main exhibition hall and rests on the column top of the roof of adjacent building. On the south side, two arc foots directly fall on the abutment on the outdoor ground. The span between falling points is up to 202.8m. Transversely, roof cover structure is divided into three spans, of which entire level area of projection is about 19,000㎡, separately resting on five independent buildings, independent columns and arc foots. In order to diminish the effect on roof cover structure by relative displacement of abutment, secured, two-way sliding and one-way sliding abutments are adopted, respectively. Since the wind at the entrance of the roof cover of main exhibition hall is of large absorption force, by filling concrete in steel pipe, some absorption force effect is effectively balanced, which does not affect architectural effect, simple and practical.

Sub-exhibition hall consists of minor exhibition hall, east exhibition hall and west exhibition hall. In the middle of the sub-exhibition hall, four steel pipe combination columns are erected, which serve to effectively reduce the span and height of roof cover, and amount of steel for roof cover is greatly decreased. For the roof cover of the sub-exhibition hall, space primary and secondary pipe truss structure system is adopted. Steel pipes are directly welded through, embracing modern flavor. Sliding plate-type polytetrafluoroethylene rubber abutment is used, well suitable for the requirements on temperature deformation by roof cover of lightweight roofing material and large span.

Tensile strength of prestressed concrete pipe pole is a bit weak, in order to avoid the case where larger tensile force is borne on the pole top and taking into account the need of architectural shape, the weight of cantilever column itself is increased as far as possible, and steel bars are inserted into the pipe on the pole top, forming a local in-place reinforced concrete pile top construction.

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