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  Office Building of China People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)  
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Office Building of China People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)

Location of the Project: No.23 Taipingqiao Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Time of design: December 1993 ~ January 1995
Time of completion: October 1995

Major Designers: Fan Zhong, Wu Xuemin, You Tianzhi, Wang Yinghua, Yan Kouying
Awards of the Project: 1994’ Design Institute Best Construction Drawing Design Award of the Ministry of Construction; 1998’ Best Project Design Award of the Ministry of Construction (First Prize); Luban Prize for Constructional Project

Function of the building: office and conference
Floor area: 45,000㎡
Number of floors: 11 floors on the ground and 2 underground floors of #3 building; 11 floors on the ground and 1 underground floor of #2 building; 6 floors on the ground and 2 underground floors of the wing
Building height: 45m
Designed seismic-resistance intensity: Richter scale 8

Ground foundation:
Large diameter artificial digging pedestal pier foundation; Below the core of main building and the shear walls at four corners are group pile plus raft foundation.

Structural type selection and design points:
Two office buildings are of in-place reinforced concrete structure. Interior core – exterior frame structure system is adopted. Shear wall at an angle of 45° is erected at the four corners of exterior frame, in order to increase lateral rigidity and torsional rigidity of the structure. In order to increase indoor headroom, roof cover adopts post-tensioned and no-binding prestressed flat-plate system. At the four corners between interior and exterior core, two partial prestressed flat beams are separately erected, to be as the abutment of prestressed steel bar of long plate. The wing adopts in-place reinforced concrete frame structure. And the roof cover of standing conference hall adopts bolt ball plus local welded ball rack. Due to coexistence of irregular column web, local interlayer, large span and a great deal of cantilever members, vertical loads are greatly uneven, partial prestress technology is used for large span and cantilever member so as to the size of section of beam and control deflection and width of crack. In the expansion of the standing conference building, in order to realize the need that large span structure of 5 floors high is additionally built on the existing basement, multi-layer hollow web beam frame structure is used, so as to increase the lateral rigidity of the structure, ease the weight of the structure itself, and make equipment pipeline easy to pass through. The bottom of the entire building group is connected together. Construction post-poured strip is placed between higher floors and wing rooms, and between mat raft and the constructional baseplate of pile foundation.

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