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  Shenzhen Swimming & Diving Gymnasium  
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Shenzhen Swimming & Diving Gymnasium

Location of the Project: in Shenzhen Sports Center courtyard
Time of design: April 2000 ~ November 2000 
Date of completion: 2002

Major Designers: Huo Wenying, Kong Honghong, Wang Jinxiang
Awards of the Project: The National Best Project Award (Silver Award); National Best Structural Design Award (Third Prize)
Functions of the building: swimming and diving

Total area of land used: 54,300㎡ 
Gross floor area: 33,491㎡ 
Building height: 31m
Number of floors: except the stands on the southwest side that are 2 or 4 floors on the ground, the rest of it is largely one floor plus basement.
Designed seismic-resistance intensity: Richter scale 7
Ground foundation: independent foundation

Structural type selection and design points:

The foundation is 6.4m below the burying depth of ground water level. Under normal conditions of use, the weight of the structure itself is far less than water floating force value, so anti-floating anchor bolt is used as anchor member to prevent floating of the structure under the most adverse condition of load combination.

Architectural shape is complicated, and indoor space is large. Diving pool, swimming pool for contest, training pool and training room divide the ground part of the entire building into east and west part, which are connected by steel roof cover. For the whole structure, in-place reinforced concrete frame structure is used. Swimming pool for contest, diving pool and training pool are all of in-place common reinforced concrete structure. During construction, no construction joint and post-poured strip is left in the pool itself, which is poured as a whole body.

Due to the limit of building floor height and clear height of function, roof surface structure adopts vertical bearing system of wide flat beam and large slab. Due to the limit of physical education technology and the structural system of roof cover, no expansion joint can be set up on the floor slab plane, while multiple post-poured strips are made on the plane. When concrete contraction basically ends (about 2 months later), post-poured strips are poured by expansion concrete. Meanwhile, Dura fibre is mixed in concrete, used to restrict concrete contraction.

For roof cover system, roping structure system is used (note: the steel structure of roof cover is designed in partnership with Australian ARUP Inc.).

The roof cover of the swimming & diving gymnasium consists of spinal curved primary truss and four skylight trusses (secondary trusses) arranged in parallel.

The horizontal support of roof is arranged transversely and longitudinally, which connects with surrounding concrete structure and forms a rigid body.

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