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  Structural Design of Shenzhou Sci-Tech Building  
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Structural Design of Shenzhou Sci-Tech Building

Location of the Project: Within the courtyard of China Space Technology Research Institute (close to the street), Beijing
Time of design: September 2004 ~ March 2005 
Date of completion: at the end of 2006

Major Designers: Xu Lin, Gao Yinying, Zhang Shitong, Huo Wenying, Yu Lei, Zhang Jianyu
Award of the Project: 2005’ CADREG Best Design Award (Construction Drawing) (Third Prize)

Functions of the building: office, hotel, business, food & beverage, fitness
Gross floor area: 53,000㎡ 
Number of floors: 2 floors underground, 15 floors on the ground; 12 floors onward are inward-converged plane.
Building height: 57.60m
Designed seismic-resistance intensity: Richter scale 8
Ground foundation: natural foundation base, flat-plate raft foundation

Structural type selection and design points:

Its structure is reinforced concrete frame – sheer wall lateral resistance system. No seismic-resistance joint is placed. Structural beam and slab reinforcement on the connecting position at corner is appropriately intensified. No settlement post-poured strip is placed. No stretch joint is made. Construction post-poured strip is reserved to diminish the effect on structure by concrete contraction during construction. It’s required to enhance efforts on thermal insulation of façade and roof cover. Slab surface temperature tendon is placed for floor slab with larger span. The reinforcement ratio of slab on the first floor and top floor that are considerably affected by temperature is appropriately increased, and slab surface temperature tendons are arranged. Beam and slab cover with secondary beam is erected in the basement and guestrooms. In the office portion, frame beam plus two-way slab with large span is used. Constructional prestressed tendons are imposed on such slabs.

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