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  Tangshan International Exhibition Center  
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Tangshan International Exhibition Center

Location of the Project: Tangshan City, Hebei
Time of design: October 2002~October 2003
Time of completion: October 2004
Functions of the building: large exhibition and conference
Total area of land used: 130,079㎡ 
Floor area is 30,498㎡.
Building height: 21.3m

Major Designers: Bi Lei, Wang Chunguang, Fan Zhong, You Tianzhi, Luo Hongyuan, Wang Daqing, Tang Jie
Awards of the Project:
In 1994, Structure Best Construction Drawings Award of China Architecture Design & Design Institute (Second Prize); In 2006, 4th National Best Architectural Structure Design Award (Third Prize)

Number of floors: 1 floor on the ground
Designed seismic-resistance intensity: Richter scale 8
Foundation base: reinforced by cement-dust coal ash-rubble pole (CFG pole), independent reinforced concrete foundation, column-beneath strip foundation and column-beneath combination foundation

Structural type selection and design points:
The Exhibition Center stretches across Longfunan Road under planning, which consists of north exhibition hall, south exhibition hall and the overhead bridge connecting the two halls. The west roof cover of the exhibition hall is used as open exhibition platform. The floor area of the center is 317.1m×113.7m. It is an entire prestressed concrete building structure with the largest span in today’s China.

A new giant frame structure system is proposed. The giant column is a tube formed by in-place reinforced concrete frame, and the giant beam is the box-shaped section formed by two in-place concrete beam with large span.

The lateral rigidity of the frame tube of giant frame structure system is a bit small, which can effectively control temperature stress and diminish the action of earthquake. Structural rigidity is evenly distributed, well meeting the requirements of an exhibition building toward large space and flexible layout.

For in-place concrete beam with large span, box-shaped section and post-tensioned prestress technology are used, which effectively increases the crossing capacity of structure and decreases the weight of structure itself.

Pipelines for water, heating and electricity can be placed in the section of box-shaped beam. The interior space of giant column can be used as staircase, toilet and equipment room. Indoor space of the building is simple and concise.

Along with post-poured strip, prestressed tendon connector is used to realize segmental and multiple stretches of two-way and super-long prestressed tendons.

An approach that floor slab stress is calculated and determined is suggested. By thermal conductance calculation and finite element software, qualitative analysis is conducted for the stress caused by temperature variation in the period of construction and use. In consideration of the value of the vertical bearing capacity and thickness of crack, prestressed value is determined.

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