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  Fujian Grand Theatre  
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Fujian Grand Theatre

(2nd award of excellent engineering design)
Major designers: Liu Mingquan, Kong Jianghong, Zhao Jianli, Zhao Lihua

Project overview

  Fujian Grand Theatre, located at the downtown of Fuzhou City, is a modern and future-oriented grand theatre with a total building area about 30,000㎡. It’s divided into A, B and C blocks, of which block A is a 1400-seat big theatre, block B is an auxiliary facility comprising meeting room, multi-functional hall and arts shop, block C is a 474-seat multi-functional theatre. All three elliptical blocks in various sizes are operated independently but also interconnected, of which the big theatre is located centrally, and small theatre and auxiliary facility at both sides. Block A theatre has 5 floors overground, 2 floors underground, with a total height of 22.6m, overhead of platform 38.00m. Block B has 1 floor underground, 3 floors overground, with a total height of 14.000m. Block C only has 3 floors overground, with a total height of 14.000m.

Structure selection and design features:

  Two earthquake-proof seams are arranged at the intersection between block A and block C or block B, thus forming three independent structural units. Block A shall be of earthquake-resistance class B, blocks B and C of class C. Multi-functional theatre and auxiliary facility are of a skeleton system, while the big theatre is of skeleton-shear wall system. With variable cross-section prestressing beams, the guest platform cantilever of block A big theatre is 5.25m in long.
  Large-area oblique arched glass curtain wall is placed at outmost of blocks A, B and C, with a maximum protruding height of 13m over the roof. To meet the facade requirement, the exterior structure is made of steel skeleton, and floors are made of rolled steel composite slabs.
  The main platform roof of block A big theatre is made of steel truss, and the other parts are of steel grid structure. Blocks B and C roof are of steel grid structure. Fixing support is arranged at the concrete pile around block A grid structure; single-way free support is arranged at shear wall of the central audience hall, in perpendicular to the wall surface. Block B and C grid structure is supported by concrete piles. Owing to complex grid structure, the upper cord surface is of rotation ellipsoid. 
  Wind tunnel test is performed as required by the Design& Research Group owing to complex engineering. The test results show that the actual wind load is 2-3 times bigger than the calculated wind load.
  ETABS program is used to calculate the actual distribution of wind load.
  Owing to complex structure system, bigger space and higher elevation, SATWE and ETABS are used for cross-check in the calculation.

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