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  Daqing Grand Theatre  
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Daqing Grand Theatre

(2nd award of excellent engineering design)
Major designers: Liu Mingquan, Cheng Yingjie, Zhao Jianli, Kong Jianghong

Project overview
  Daqing Grand Theatre is an integral part of building complex of “Da Qing Education& Culture Center”. While the science& technology museum and library are located at both sides, the Grand Theatre is located centrally, with a total area of 25,000㎡. It has 1487 seats, four floors overground, and 2 floors underground, an overall height of 17m, and overhead of some platforms 38.00m.

Structure selection and design features:
  The Grand Theatre has a complex and interleaved inner space, Class B earthquake-resistance. The structure is a skeleton-shear wall system.
  The surface quality is not uniform, and inner force of column base differs a lot owing to different elevations of foundation plates and big span. So, the foundation shall be erected on borehole prepaket pile. Due to higher water level, fiber concrete is employed at the basement to improve the crack resistance and compactness. The flotation problem is resolved through uplift piles.
  Given the big space, large load and long-span of roofing system, spatial grid structure, steel truss and concrete slab structure are used to match the different stress characteristics.
  Since the length over 100m exceeds the max. spacing requirement of expansion joints, extra-long seamless construction technology is employed to arrange strength belt for overcoming the problem caused by rear pouring belt.
  The guest platform cantilever is 6m in long, so prestressing technology is used to control the fracture and flexibility.

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