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  Beijing Xingtao Residential Community  
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Beijing Xingtao Residential Community

Project site: Daxing District, Beijing
Structural style: brick-concrete, skeleton
Area of land: 280,900㎡
Building area: 280.000㎡
Time of completion: 2000
Conceptual design: Li Xinggang
Chief designer: Li Xinggang, Gao Wei
Architecture: Gao Wei, Miao Zhuo, Lin Tong
Structure: Li Shupeng, Peng Yonghong
Plumbing: Xia Shuwei, Wang Zehui
Air conditioning: Liu Yuchun
Electrical: Zhang Fuxiang, Li Ying
General layout: You Zhiyi

Beijing Xingtao Residential Development is located within Nanhuang Village Northern Development Zone, Beijing 5th Ring Road, about 900m away from JingKai Expressway in the east, and surrounded by the urban roads. Apart from older river bed, this project site is located in a flat land. While standard design mode is eliminated, recessed platforms, etc, are employed to provide a variety of flexible residential spaces.

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