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  Beijing Bailangyuan Apartment  
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Beijing Bailangyuan Apartment

Project site: Fuxing Road, Beijing
Structural style: skeleton
Area of land: 10,200 ㎡.
Building area: 64,000 ㎡.
Time of design: 1998
Time of completion: 2001
Conceptual design: Wen Bing
Chief designer: Huang Jiancai, Wen Bing
Architecture: Wen Bing
Structure: Zhang Ruilong
Plumbing: Guo Ruyan
Air Conditioning: Zhang Li
Electrical: Sun Chengqun
General layout: Huang Yaru

Bailangyuan Apartment is a high-grade apartment building with a dimension of 120m in length and 55m in height. To reduce the psychological pressure of the passerby, this building has an opening at the eastern side, at the same time a recessed platform is erected to reduce visually the height and form a complete image with yoke plates. Bay windows, balconies and air conditioners are combined into the design to shape a unique but novel image.

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