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  Beijing Moma International Apartment  
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Project site: Dongcheng District, Beijing
Structural style: shear wall structure
Area of land: 121,000㎡ (first phase)
Building area: 200,000㎡ (first phase)
Time of design: 2001
Time of completion: 2003
Conceptual design: un Guofeng, Zhu Qian
Chief designer: Sun Guofeng, Zhu Qian
Architecture: Huang Chuanghao Qi Honglei
Structure: Tan Bing
Plumbing: Shi Qianjin, Sun yinghui
Equipment: Liu Gang, Xujun
Electrical: Huang Zukai, Gao Lihua
General layout: Sun Guofeng

Beijing Moma International Apartment is a large-scale, high-grade residential quarter mainly composed of high-rise tower-type and slab-type apartments and office buildings. 10 apartment buildings and a super high-rise office building and hotel complex are located at the southern side. Harmonious, consistent and changing style are fully considered in the planning, so a large-scale water affinity residential community is designed and constructed to provide an elegant, amiable and ecological living environment.

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