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  Shenzhen Data Room of Huawei Data Center  
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Project site: Longgang District, Shenzhen city
Structural style: skeleton
Building area: 16,000㎡
Time of design: 9, 2001
Time of completion: 5, 2003
Conceptual design: RTKL
Chief designer: Guo Hongjun
Architecture: Wang Ronghai
Structure: Song Li
Plumbing: Song Guoqing
Equipment: Lao Yiming
Electrical: Ding Yi
Telecom: Jia Jinghua
General layout: Wang Ronghai

  This building is constructed at a bench terrace, where eastern and western sides match the surrounding hills with a south-north glass corridor. Most of roofs are characterized by greening design owing to humid climate and strong sunshine. The exterior wall is built with natural stones and blue glasses. 2 floors overground are divided into public area and equipment rooms, of which the public area comprises control center and offices. The control center is at the core of the building space, and composed of a control room, briefing room and elevator lobby. The elevator lobby resembles like a circular metal grid sphere, and the gallery bridge links the elevator lobby and other regions to form an interlaced space.

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