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  Urban Design of Dalu New District Core Zone, Jungar Banner, Inner Mongolia  
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  Scale of the Project: 6 square kilometers of land
Time of design: 2006
Time:2007/1/31  Read for:2396 times 【close window】
[Continued]Land use layout Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Land use layout of the Core Area Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Planning structure Analysis Chart Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Bird's eye view Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]General Plan Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Partial aerial view Ⅰ Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Partial aerial view Ⅱ Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Partial aerial view Ⅲ Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Sky line Time:2008/1/28

[Continued]Design concept Time:2008/1/28