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  Photo of Sino-Italian Ecological Energy Building in Qinghua University (SIEEB)  
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Photo of Sino-Italian Ecological Energy Building in Qinghua University (SIEEB)

The Building is an energy-conservation demonstration project that was built with investment of Italian Ministry of Environment and Territories. The Project involves an investment totaling 260 million RMB, with gross floor area of 20,268 ㎡ in 12 floors, which is a brand-new office building featured intelligence, ecological environment-friendliness and energy-efficiency.

Electricity-heat-cool combined generation unit serves as main power source, in which electricity determines the amount of heat, meaning when the electricity generated by the unit is inadequate, the gap is filled by the urban electricity;

Heat design for low energy consumption building;

Radiated A/C system with metal suspended ceiling board;

Exchangeable fresh air ventilation system (with dehumidification function);

Air heat recovery system;

Variable frequency energy-conservation A/C water system;

Solar photovoltaic generation technology is adopted. Municipal electricity, combined power generation and solar power generation are connected and operate in the same electric grid.

According to initial calculation, in comparison with today’s buildings of like scale, this ecology-efficient building can save energy source by up to 70%, reduce emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide per annum by 1,200 tons, 5.1 tons and 2.9 tons, respectively.

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