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  News Building of Shuozhou, Shanxi  
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This project is located in the new administrative district.
This scheme extracts the concepts of “stack”, “information” and “yard”, aiming to embody the time characteristics of the contemporary media building while annotating the regional culture of Shuozhou.
The News Building of Shuozhou is divided into two large parts, main building and podium, with the main building located at the northwest side of the podium. The podium includes a large scale studio and its auxiliary function space, logistics office space, and external business space. The floor 1-3 of the main building is used for television technology, the floor 4-7 for broadcasting technology, the floor 8-17 for common office ( including the official rooms for bureau departments, TV station, broadcasting station, report station, news center and daily news), and the 18-20 for microwave transmission.
The building is composed of “three horizontal and three vertical” simple blocks to embody the .stack design concept in the building.
The main building composed of three vertical thin slabs of different materials, weakens the perception of stiffness of pure cubic, and creates a fashionable and delicate contemporary office building. The three horizontal thin slabs on the south of podium, combined with the actual situation, spaced in a graceful disorder, and extended horizontally, is also a good interpretation to the stack design concept, and the different techniques are adopted to deal with the west façade facing the entrance square and the south façade facing the green space.
The interior space design, using the yard concept in the Shanxi folk residence for reference, includes a hall of all seasons with skylighting, and an open inner garden, to create a quiet and comfortable court space for the office environment.
The building respectively selects three different materials, white fluorocarbon coating, black metal barrier, and glass curtain wall. The main building is divided into three different materials to express the stack concept. The podium adopts stone and glass curtain wall as the exterior wall material.

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