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  Architects Corridor NO.3 Villa  
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  Project site: Yanqing district, Beijing
Area of land: 390 sq.m.
Time of design: 2001
Time of completion: 2002
“Architects corridor”, located in a small village at the foot of the Great Wall, is composed of the works designed by 12 Asian architects. Among them, NO.3 villa is located at the backward position of the valley, neighboring NO.2 and NO.4. Its terrain is high in south and low in north, and the landscape is facing north and eastwardly. Considering the convenience of sight view, the tactic of “down toward the earth” and “go up to the sky” is adopted. The part of “down toward the earth” is the living room and dining room, looking northwardly at the sight without blocking the view of the neighbors; the part of ““go up to the sky” is the bedroom in the same direction as the hillside, the use of “built on stilts” facilitates the extension of the natural landform, and the hall becomes the link point between “down toward the earth” and “go up to the sky”. There are natural materials such as sunshine, vegetation, mountain & stone, and scenery, there are artificial materials such as glass, light concrete wall board, gallet, and wood block, there also are moving materials such as hosts, friends, servants and visitors, all of these come together to create such a scenery like here.
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