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  Jiangzhuang Lake Villa Area, Beijing (cooperative design)  
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  Project site: Chaoyang district, Beijing
Area of land: 119,000 sq.m.
Building area: 77,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 1999
Time of completion: 2006
The villa area is composed of 55 high-grade villas and 10 high-grade apartments and chamber, with an international standard golf course with 18 holes at its surrounding areas. Based on the theme of creating an beautiful environment close to the nature and integrating the green golf course, this layout, using the advantage of south facing and scenery facing brought about by the narrow, long and wide surfaced site, designs a winding main road to bring about the irregular natural shape of this site, uses the bushy green belt to divide this land plot into clusters, and in the end an interesting and diversified residential environment is created. The eaves gallery is set up at the entrance of single villa for sight seeing, a space running through two floors is set up and extended to the private garden beside the course, and eventually the scenery of golf course is introduced to the living space of each household.
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