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  Beijing Fenggeya Garden  
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  Project site: Wangjing New Town, Beijing
Area of land: 10,000 sq.m.
Building area: 62,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 1999
Time of completion: 2000
The site of Fenggeya Garden is basically a square, the terrain is flat, and there are two high-rise slab-type apartments in the south and north. There are no clubs on the ground among them. The design of the flat type for this district focuses on the refinement and improvement of the internal details, and the rooms in the house are arranged clearly and skillfully so as to achieve a good connection and separation. The south-north orientation layout brings the best daylighting angle to the house, while the broad French window and various sources of the natural light even more prolong the indoor sunlight time. In terms of the ventilation of doors and windows, their orientations are carefully considered in order to enhance the air convection. Balconies are set up in a place where it is convenient to view the sight so as to integrate the graceful garden landscape into the home environment. The roof is designed in a wave pattern, fresh and lively.
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