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  Ningbo Tianyi Garden  
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Project site: Zhongshan West Road, Ningbo
Area of land: 183,000 sq.m.
Building area: 240,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 1999
Time of completion: 2001 (Phase I)

Its two level layout structure, cancellation of clusters, and decrease of management levels all comply with the management mode for the modern residential area. The strip-like greenbelt endows each yard with a good environment. The selling point is balanced, the sales difficulty is decreased, and the requirements on developing such project in phases are met. Under the precondition of guaranteeing each house with a good orientation, the “assembling” type yard design concept enriches the yard environment, and makes each yard possess a unique characteristic with a good identification. By borrowing the traditional residential features in the south, making use of the house’s inherent function elements, and dotting with a light color, a residential district not only with modern atmosphere and characteristics but also with traditional atmosphere is created. Under the precondition of maintaining the overall style, different houses adopt different techniques, by which the characteristics of different houses are stressed, and meanwhile the sight effect of the whole residential area is enriched.

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