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  Ningbo Evergreen Town (Phase II)  
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Project site: Ningbo
Area of land: 152,000 sq.m.
Building area: 189,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2002
Time of completion: 2006

The main road net of the land plot has been formed basically, and based on the original plan, the clusters’ layout is designed to be adjusted properly. A comprehensive complex integrating the commercial, office and residential functions shall be placed in the east, with arcuate and square block as its main shape to scatter about, and it will become the landmark construction of the urban arterial road. The roof of the multi-storey house focuses on the combination of flat and arcuate shape, while the compound house on the top is provided with the south-north platform, forming a gracefully placed horizon line. In the façade, the French door and window in the living room and the engraved railing and air conditioner’s shutter in the balcony are balanced, and meanwhile certain green device is adopted to decorate the balcony. The small high rise and high rise house mainly adopts the modern style, and the space close to the human’s reach and the space variety of compound house at the top are given special attention to.

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