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  Dongjing International Residential District, Beijing (cooperative design)  
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  Project site: Yizhuang, Beijing
Area of land: 29,000 sq.m.
Building area: 66,000 sq.m.
Time of design: 2000
Time of completion: 2002
In the layout of this district, two extremes are created: 18-storey centralized large single residential building, and 4-storey or 5-storey tridimensional single villa. The whole project is more like a building than a district, because above 70% of the area is totally covered by one building. This is different from the surrounding large slab type buildings which have broken the space form of Yizhuang. A clear and intact horizon line makes it a new landmark. In order to decrease the feeling of pressure on the surroundings, five holes are opened in the slab type buildings one by one starting from the south to the north, and a traverse is set below the holes. There are about 40 flat types for the slab type building, from one room to five rooms so as to meet the requirements of the market. Similar like how the Russian block is assembled into the space, various types of houses are spaced overlappedly, mutually occludedly, to make each house obtain a south orientation.
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