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  Beijing Financial Street B7 Office Building  
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Preliminary design: SOM International Architecture Design Co.,Ltd
Construction document design: China Architecture Design& Research Group
Chief designers: Cui Haidong, Zhang Yan
Design members:
Architecture: Zhang Junying, Li Baoming
Structure: Wang Zai, Shao Jun
Plumbing: Guo Ruyan, Jin Xiaohong
HVAC: Guan Wenjie, Cai Ling
Electrical: Sun Chengqun, Li Junming
General arrangement: Huang Yaru
Project site: B7 block, center of Finance Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Area of land: 24,002 m²
Total building area: 219,173 m², of which: overground 139,487 m² underground: 79,686 m²
Structure: framework shear wall
Building height: 99.29 m
Designed in 2001, finished in 2005, and put into operation in 2006.

Beijing Financial Street B7 Building is a large-size office building complex jointly designed by SOM and our Group. As the highest landmark building in Finance Street, it’s composed of towers A, B (24 floors), a conference center C (3 floors), a trading center D (4 floors) and a central garden. With introduction of ecological and environmental-friendly “green office” concepts, it’s incorporated into the overall planning of whole Finance Street. Two towers are erected in perpendicular to 2nd western ring road, and staggered in a streamline. This project highlights the orderly composition, integrated scenery arrangement and technical details.


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General Plan

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