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  Daqing Education & Culture Center  
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Daqing Education & Culture Center

Major designers: Li Yanyun, Zhao Lihong, Zhao Xiaobo, Zhu Di, Liu Wen, Wang Yaping, Xu Zhonghui, Bai Hongwei

Engineering property
  aqing Education & Culture Center, located at Daqing Development Zone, Heilongjiang Province, is a large-scale cultural building complex, with a total building area of 52,000, building height of 39.20m, and greening rate of 46.46%. It was designed in 2004, and finished in 2006.

Engineering characteristics
  Daqing Education & Culture Center is composed of a library, a grand theatre and science museum, all of which are arranged symmetrically from south to north line, forming a consistent space containing two plazas. The huge piece of land is divided into buildings, plazas and park.
  South and north plazas are available with different dimensions and spaces, of which the south plaza appears more friendly and memorial, while the comfortable north plaza provides several possibilities of movement.
  The buildings and environment are further fused through greening design at northern platforms with different elevations, thus achieving the coexistence between buildings and environment.

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[Continued]General Plan Time:2008/1/10

General Plan

[Continued]Perspective view 1 Time:2008/1/10

Perspective view 1

[Continued]Perspective view 2 Time:2008/1/10

Perspective view 2