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  Jiangxi Arts Center  
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Jiangxi Arts Center

Project site: Nanchang, Jiangxi

Overall arrangement

  Jiangxi Arts Center, with a total area about 12.40ha, is located in the Jingdong Development Zone, Nanchang city, neighboring Gaoxin Avenue in the east, and Nanjing East Road in the north. This center includes a 1500-seat theatre, a 1000-seat music hall, a multi-functional rehearsal hall, an art museum and second-phase movie center as well as a staff apartment building.
  The first-phase theatre, music hall and rehearsal hall are linked by an open culture corridor, whereas an art museum is located at the north, forming naturally an elliptical public plaza at the eastern side of this block. Contrasting with Qingshanhu Cultural Area oppositely to the road, a comfortable urban space and cultural exchange site is shaped to alleviate the traffic pressure.
  The second-phase project at the southern block comprises a movie center, staff apartment building and office building, providing the possibility of flexible development in tune with the first-phase project.

Design concept

Charm of ancient city like a burgeoning lotus

  Jiangxi is historically a place blessed with rich resources, talented people and prosperity. Jiangxi Arts Center is structurally modeled from the classic lotus pattern on the porcelains in Song Dynasty, and located in the ancient city--Nanchang, which is rejuvenated with strong vitality. Every flower petal corresponds to a group of architectural functions, the elegant and artistic profile highlights the landmark building and embodies the essence of traditional Jiangxi culture.

Fluctuating profile with concentration on main buildings

  Three building compartments have independent images, but also set off each other, therefore highlighting the main buildings such as theatre and music hall, and enriching and improving the 500m horizontal profile along Gaoxin Avenue.

Transparent, magnificent and implicit

  The central plaza is blended with Qingshanhu Cultural Area, and two buildings are arranged around the central plaza. The magnificent plaza and implicit courtyard provide a comfortable place for the general public.

Perfect functionalities

  The functional spaces can be divided or combined for easier management and independent operation. The functional design takes into full consideration of the multi-functionality and sustainable development of buildings.

Highly efficient ecological environment

  The natural conditions, such as courtyard and scuttle, are utilized in the design to obtain natural ventilation and lighting, and also reduce the energy consumption for easier operation.
  The lotus-like architectural pattern of Jiangxi Arts Center has a deep-going meaning, but also creates a vivid effect through the multi-layered curved wall surface. And, the wall surface is linked by continuous lines to form 3D images. Curved surfaces and lines break up the logic constraint, improve the emotional element and representation force. Thus, it provides a consistent building space, and becomes a beautiful landscape representing Jiangxi culture with modern fashion and feeling.

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General Plan

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Perspective view 1

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Jiangxi Arts Center 1

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Jiangxi Arts Center 2

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