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  Guotai Grand Theatre& Chongqing Art Museum  
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Guotai Grand Theatre& Chongqing Art Museum——The Bonfire in City

Project site: Chongqing city
Building area: 29,100 sq.㎡.
Chief designer: Cuikai
Architecture: Jing Quan, Zhang Xiaolei, Ma Zhixin (without name sequence)
General layout: Du Lijun
Structure: Zhang Yuaiyong, Zhu Bingyin, Bi Lei.
Plumbing: Zhao Shiming
Ventilation& air conditioning: Pan Yungang
Electrical& telecom: Zhang Wencai
Architectural economy: Zhao Hong
Time of design: 3, 2006, cultural building

  Guotai Grand Theatre& Chongqing Art Museum is located at CBD zone and new district in Chongqing city. It has a floor area of 0.96ha, and total area of 2,9100 sq.㎡.
  Guotai Grand Theatre is a landmark building of Chongqing which is fully blended with existing buildings in Jiefang Tower district, and also creates new order in this district. With strong regional features in terms of color, Guotai Grand Theatre guides the people in the high-rise buildings and provides them with the sense of belongings. With complex architectural functionalities, it creates a building space with Eastern characteristics and also a complete image through penetration and exchange.
  This building pattern is originated from a bucket arch in Chongqing Huguang Guild Hall, whereby modern techniques are used to represent the spiritual connotation of traditional buildings. The penetrated, overlapped and suspended structural members reflect the spiritual pursuit of the Chongqing people. Meanwhile, red structural members refer to the ventilation system, and black ones contain cooling medium, thus forming an ecological and energy-saving system. A blowing space is shaped at eastern, western side and middle section, and some platforms and staircases provide a common gray space that’s conductive to evacuation in the emergency state, and also leisure and amusement for the citizens.
  (the designers would like to extend thanks for strong support from the leaders at various levels)

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[Continued]Sketch Drawing by Chief Engineer Cui Time:2008/1/29

Sketch Drawing by Chief Engineer Cui

[Continued]Effect View Time:2008/1/29

Effect View

[Continued]Color Design Volume - Black Time:2008/1/29

Color Design Volume - Black

[Continued]Color Design Volume - Red Time:2008/1/29

Color Design Volume - Red

[Continued]Planning Volume – Planning Aerial View Time:2008/1/29

Planning Volume – Planning Aerial View

[Continued]Planning Volume – General Drawing Time:2008/1/29

Planning Volume – General Drawing

[Continued]Space Design Volume – Roof Design Time:2008/1/29

Space Design Volume – Roof Design

[Continued]Arch Time:2008/1/29


[Continued]Effect View Time:2008/1/29

Effect View

[Continued]Operation Volume – cutaway view Time:2008/1/29

Operation Volume – cutaway view